Landing using airbags was the technique used during the Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rovers missions. Once the probe separates from the parachute, the airbags are inflated. After rebounding at the surface, the probe -still protected in the airbags- will come to a halt. During the Pathfinder mission, once the probe had stopped, pyrotechnic devices in the lander petal latches were blown to allow the petals to be opened. The latches locking the sturdy side petals in place were necessary because of the pulling forces exerted on the lander petals by the deployed airbag system. In parallel with the petal latch release, a retraction system began slowly dragging the airbags toward the lander, breaching vent ports on the side of each bag, in the process deflating the bags through a cloth filter. The airbags were drawn toward the petals by internal lines extending between attachments within the airbags and small winches on each of the lander sides. It took about 64 minutes to deflate and fully retract the bags.
Source: NASA